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It’s important that you also look at the world university rankings when determining which university to study at. This enables you to compare and understand where a university ranks on the global map and how your ideal institution operates. QS World rankings for universities are a good start to the same thing.

While the University of Toronto of Toronto continues to be top the University of Canada. McGill University and the University of British Columbia continue to be in second and third places respectively.

As per the QS World rankings-2021, three Canadian institutions placed in the top-50 universities of the World. Seven Canadian Universities in the top 200 and ten Canadian Universities are placed in World’s Top-250 rankings respectively.

The QS system ranks universities together with five regional tables according to their global standing, and subject-wise (which includes 48 separate subjects and five faculty areas). For its compilation of top universities in the world, it considers several factors such as,

1.         The reputation of the university among other universities (40%),

2.         Employers (10%),

3.         Student-teacher ratio (20%),

4.         Citations-academic staff ratio (20 percent) and international outlook as well as

5.         Students and Staff (10 percent).

Top 10 Canadian Universities list

S.No. Institution QS Ranking 2021 (within Canada)QS Ranking 2020  (within Canada)QS Ranking 2021 (Globally)
1University of Toronto 1125
2McGill University2231
3University of British Columbia 3345
4University De Montreal45118
5University of Alberta54119
6McMaster University66144
7University of Waterloo77166
8Western University88203
9Queen’s University at Kingston910246
10University of Calgary109246

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