About Us

World Immigration Consultants ranked among “The 10 Most Trusted Immigration Consulting Companies” in 2018 by Insights Success (a reputed business magazine)

Studying, living, or working in a foreign country is a major undertaking and there are occasions when the immigration process can be overwhelming and confusing. None of your plans will come to fruition without the appropriate visa guidance. Thus, the appointment of your immigration agent is one of the most critical decisions.

With World Immigration Consultants your application is in safe hands from day one. We seek to mitigate the difficulties, uncertainty, and frustration often associated with your application for a Student or PR visa. Our dedicated team of Immigration experts can assist you at every stage of your application, from the moment you inquire to the moment you have your visa in hand.

We follow a highly systematic process of providing our customers with precise guidance which is honest and reliable. When our team handles your application for a specific country, they are well aware of all the changes in immigration and visa laws that prevail when you apply.

We believe that each customer profile is unique and must be handled with the utmost care and skill. We provide our clients with personalized strategies to secure a permanent residency or a student visa based on expert insight and what’s best for them.


Our services

Study Abroad Services

• Counselling on study abroad options available based on students profile..
• Shortlisting of universities based on student’s course of choice.
• Guidance on SOP and LOR.
• Applying for universities/institutions.
• Follow-up and get Offer letters and LOA.
• Guidance in applying educational transcripts.
• Guidance in getting education loans.
• Guidance in GIC account creation. (Applicable for Canada)
• Guidance for MCC, PCC.
• Complete visa processing.
• Guidance for Biometrics after application submission.
• LOI, eTA, VFS guidance.

PR Visa Services

• Suggesting suitable country to migrate based on clients profile.
• Explaining the benefits of migration.
• Expert evaluation of client’s profile.
• Guidance of educational transcripts collection and submission.
• IELTS guidance and free material.
• Client’s skills mapping against Demand Occupation List.
• Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) through approved global bodies.
• Expression of Interest (EOI) submission.
• Resume preparation as per standards of country of choice.
• Resume marketing in Job bank (Applicable for Canada).
• Guidance for getting international number (Applicable for Canada).
• PNP, AIPP and RINP profile submission (Applicable for Canada).
• Invitation to Apply (ITA) process.
• Guidance on fund requirements.
• PCC, MCC and biometrics guidance.
• Complete visa processing.

Note : Duration of services mentioned in PR Visa services section may vary, and no service shall exceed for more than one year from the date of registration for PR visa process or any of the above mentioned services.