Check Eligibility

Why Eligibility Check is important?

  • It helps you to save thousands of dollars by giving clarity on your eligibility/ineligibility.
  • It gives you a hint/indication of one’s chances of getting a Permanent Residency.
  • If the applicant is married, it helps to identify whose profile among the couple is more suitable to be the primary applicant.

What you get with this report?

  • Step by step explanation of the Permanent Residency(PR) process.
  • Free telephonic counseling by our immigration expert where various other options are discussed. For clients outside India, WhatsApp/IMO call is made.
  • Your points in accordance with interested countries’ immigration systems.
  • You get an indication of how your points get changed with different IELTS scores.
  • It gives an indication of how much IELTS score you should secure to make yourself eligible.
  • It pin-points on areas you need to really work in order to get those extra points.
  • In the case of CANADA, you shall get your Comprehensive Ranking Score(CRS),  one of the major factors that impact your application based on your Age, Educational Qualification, Language Proficiency, Work experience, and many other factors.
  • What has to be done to increase one’s CRS score (if applicable)?
  • Details of fund requirements and timelines.

Cost (Indian Rupees)?

  • Actual price – INR 1770 (All-Inclusive)
  • Offer Price – INR 1000 (All-Inclusive)

Cost (US Dollars)?

  • Actual price – USD 30 (All-Inclusive)
  • Offer Price – USD 20 (All-Inclusive)