Study Abroad

Top 10 reason why you should Study Abroad:

Studying abroad is more than just education, it is a unique and enriching experience. A degree from an international institution not only broadens your career and your personal horizons but also is a lifetime opportunity. Here are some of the reasons why the foreign study should be considered:

1. Experience a different culture & society:
For many foreign students, one of the biggest benefits of studying abroad is the ability to get immersed in a completely different culture and environment. This enriching experience will encourage you to see and do things you wouldn’t expect and to meet people who have grown up in another culture and society.
For example, you will be able to try new foods while living abroad, hear traditional music, go to local events, and discover everything else your host culture has to offer. It’s also interesting to know how to see your own society from someone else’s eyes-this way you can learn a lot about yourself and your home country!

2. World class education:
Of course, irrespective of where you’re studying, your goal will always be to get the highest quality education possible. Becoming an international student will expand your study choices considerably. Why limit yourself to choosing a university in your home country, after all?
Often, studying at a foreign University can be the best option for you. For example, the UK, the US, and Australia all have highly regarded higher education systems, and in those handfuls of nations, there is a huge percentage of the world’s highest-ranking universities.

3. Carrier Opportunities:
Naturally, the key reason you get a degree first is to boost your job prospects. In a globalized, well-connected world, employers are increasingly valuing globally experienced and trained graduates. Studying abroad will help you learn foreign languages, respect other cultures, resolve the difficulties of living in a different country, and gain a deeper understanding of the world. These are all characteristics that modern companies search for when recruiting, and in the future, these traits will only become more significant.

4. Opportunity to land up in Highly paid Jobs:
Top employers of the globe flock top universities to pick up the best talent for their companies. Thus, studying in world-class universities shall definitely give international students an opportunity to attend campus interviews and land up in highly paid jobs. Some employers also offer paid internships which enable students to earn while they gain industry experience.

5. Pathway to Permanent Residency and Citizenship:
Countries like Canada, Australia, and UK encourage international students to work in their country after the completion of international education. These countries allocate extra points for students who completed masters in their country. Thus, it also becomes a pathway to acquire permanent residency and later citizenship.

6. Make new friends:
No matter which university or college your study, you’re sure to meet a lot of new people and make friends who are all in the same position as you. When you study abroad, you have a rare opportunity to make friends and learn about other countries and traditions with people from all kinds of different cultures. Many lifelong friendships begin at university, and during your studies, you will be able to work, learn, and travel together. Knowing people in different countries around the world can also be extremely beneficial-particularly after you graduate!

7. International travel:
As well as experiencing the culture of your study destination, you will also be able to travel to other neighboring countries. For example, if you go to the UK University, you can easily catch a flight to continental Europe to see Paris, Rome, Barcelona and many more fascinating places.
Studying abroad is therefore a unique opportunity to see more of the world, which is itself a highly rewarding educational experience. There is no doubt that seeing other parts of the world will have a major impact on your character and worldview and help you prepare for life in a global world.

8. Become Independent:
It is also said that when you go to university you are completely independent of your parents and family. This is especially true when you go to another country’s university! Bringing us in a full circle, becoming independent is a challenge. But living and studying in another country will help to make you an independent and adventurous adult, ready to succeed in your future career.

9. Opportunity to learn a new language:
One significant benefit of studying abroad is the chance to learn a foreign language. It can be a great challenge to learn a language, but there is nothing quite like living somewhere where that language is spoken natural. This really does help!
Because English is such a widely used language, studying in a country like the USA , Canada or the UK can be very beneficial. You will be able to study English, speak to locals and develop your language skills in a real way.

10. An experience of a lifetime:
Your journey of studying abroad doesn’t stop at the gates of the campus. You will have the chance to fly to tourist hotspots during weekends and holidays or get off the beaten track in your chosen country. That means you’ll be able to explore geographies that are different from India and come back for your friends and family with fascinating stories. You never know that you can end up discovering an activity you enjoy doing and make a career out of it.