PR Visa

What is PR Visa (OR) Permanent Resident Visa?
Permanent residency is the immigration status of person in country they are not citizens of but they’ve the right to permanently live. Typically this is for prolonged period. As a result ,visa issued to a permanent resident is called as Permanent Resident Visa. However, an individual temporarily living in a country is not a permanent resident. Examples of temporary residents include International Students or foreign workers.


Benefits extended to Permanent Residents in Canada?
While being a permanent resident, one has the below mentioned privileges: 
a. Avail most of the social benefits that Canadian citizens enjoy, including health insurance
b. A permanent resident can live, work or study anywhere in Canada
c. After certain stay, one can apply for Canadian citizenship

What PR Visa holders CANNOT do in Canada?
You are not permitted to:
a. Vote or run for political office
b. Hold certain positions that require a high-level security clearance.

Minimum period of stay required to retain Permanent Residency Status?
In the last five years, you must have been in Canada for at least 730 days to retain your permanent resident status. This stay need not be continuous.


Benefits extended to Permanent Residents in Australia?
a. PR holder can stay in Australia infinitely
b. Work and study in Australia
c. Sign up in Australia’s national health scheme, Medicare
d. Apply for bank loans to buy property
e. Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence
f. Apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible
g. Travel to and from Australia for as long as your travel facility allows.
h. Work in New Zealand without restrictions

What PR Visa holders CANNOT do in Australia?
You are not permitted to:
a. Have an Australian passport
b. Vote in Australian Government elections
c. Enter the Australian Defense Force