Canada | Immigration | Importance of newcomers and foreign students in solving post-pandemic labor shortages across Canada.

Foreign students and new immigrants will be crucial in the economic development of Canada, which has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A paper by Colleges and Institutes Canada indicates that institutions across the country, which frequently make a difference in their local communities, are ideally positioned to prepare immigrants and Canadians to integrate into the labor market.

Travel worldwide has been affected by the pandemic, and Canada is no exception. In order to curtail the spread of the virus, Canada implemented travel restrictions in March 2020. In spite of this, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has continued to process permanent residency applications.

Express Entry draws continuously held during the pandemic. This is because Canada had to continue attracting highly-skilled individuals to make the trip to the Great White North as they prepare for economic recovery.

Further, foreign students are excluded from these travel restrictions from October. New students are now able to apply for study permits and receive them. Canada acknowledges the importance of foreign students to its potential workforce.

Importance of foreign students and new immigrants

The safe reopening of the borders to new immigrants and foreign students would help Canadian employers and small businesses greatly. This will help to meet their labor needs. This is because Canada has an aging population that creates shortages of labor. The need for new talent just augmented by the pandemic.

According to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business(CFIB), the majority of labor shortages are for jobs that require at least a college diploma or an apprenticeship. It also suggested that small businesses often rely on immigrants and temporary workers to succeed.

New immigrants will have access to short-term programs and micro-credentials. They will help them transition rapidly into the labor market by upgrading their skills. These options serve new immigrants to develop the required skills to get jobs easily. Canadian Citizens may also use these training programs to develop their skills.

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