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The Vernon-North Okanagan Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is easing some conditions to allow employers to recruit more workers beginning on December 1.

In order to ensure that the region is able to manage future demand, the Vernon RNIP program began with conservative criteria and is now easing some requirements to enable the local economy of the community to expand.

Changes in the Vernon-North Okanagan Comprehensive Ranking System(VCRS)

The first noticeable reform that would help employers attract more workers is the drop in the minimum wage. Earlier, a job offer with a minimum wage of $25 per hour required to be eligible under this RNIP.

For every additional $1 per hour wage that exceeds a minimum of $25 per hour will receive one point with a cap of 15 points. Now it is changed to a Minimum $23 per hour job offer with a cap of 12 Wage points.

Furthermore, people who have been working, studying, or staying in the community for at least six months are excluded from these conditions as long as their present income is between $18 and $22.99 an hour and they receive at least 30 points in the point system of the community.

Points for candidates who have worked or studied in the community have also changed. The candidates who have at least six months of work experience in the community will now be given 15 points. Earlier only 10 points were given to this requirement. In the last five years, anyone who has studied in the community for at least two years will earn 10 points, up from six.

Points for Candidates with immediate families in the community, also raised. For each adult immediate family member who lives in the community for at least six months, candidates will earn three points, up from two. The number of points a candidate will receive for having immediate members of the family is nine, up from eight.

Point reductions in the community’s criteria have also made for some requirements. Applicants can earn up to 10 points, down from a high of 15 points, for job experience outside the community. Changes to points granted for the age of a candidate also made. This change will favor only those under 25, as they will earn three points up from two.

What is RNIP?

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program (RNIP) is an economic pilot program that aims to attract foreign nationals. They are eligible to apply under this program if they have a job offer and have received recommendations from one of the participating communities.

The city of Vernon is located 440 km northeast of Vancouver in the regional district of North Okanagan, British Columbia. It is a commercial hub in this region. This community is one of the 11 participating communities of RNIP.

Minimum eligibility requirements-RNIP

Applicants must satisfy the federal eligibility requirements. Such as

Work Experience and language requirements

  • Have at least one year of full-time continuous work experience. It must have gained in the last 3 years in any occupation listed in the National Occupational Classification code (NOC).
  • It must be paid-work either in Canada or overseas.
  • They must intend to live in the community.
  • The candidates must have a Non-seasonal, full-time job offer from an eligible employer that carries on business in the community.
  • For any skill level and work, applicants must have a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 5 or above in English or French.

Education requirements

  • Meet the education requirements such as having a high-school diploma, certificate, or degree.
  • Have Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA) for the studies completed outside Canada.
  • They need to complete a Candidate Profile with the community. Then, through this pilot, they can apply for a job in the community.

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