Canada | PR Visa | Express Entry | Indian Citizens received most Invitations to apply in 2018

Indian Citizens have received the highest number of invitations to apply, than any other country by IRCC through Express Entry in 2018. Indian citizens have received 41,675 invitations to apply out of 89,800 overall invitations issued in 2018 followed by Citizens of China with 6248 invitations and Citizens of Nigeria with 6025 invitations. These statistics are based on the Express entry 2018 report by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada in July 2019. As per this report, Indian citizens held 46% of the invitations whereas China and Nigeria citizens have received approximately 7% invitations each.

As per the Express entry report-2017 also, Citizens of India, China and Nigeria occupied the first three positions respectively by invitation wise.  Indian Citizens have received 42% of the total invitations in 2017 and rose to 46% in 2018. Indian Citizens with experience in specific Tech and IT-related occupations have received more invitations. Candidates who receive ITA can officially apply for Permanent Resident status by uploading their documents and paying the associated fees.


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