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A Survey by the Migration Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) shows that Canada is placed 4th that rates the immigration policy performances among 52 Nations. The research has been based on the three dimensions that underlie all aspects of the integration policy of a country.

  1. Basic rights:

Can immigrants have equal rights as citizens? Fair access to jobs, education, health, and non-discrimination, for example.

2. Equal opportunities:

Can immigrants be supported to enjoy similar opportunities as nationals? Such as targeted support for education, health, and political engagement.

3. Safe future:

Will immigrants live in the country for the long term and feel secure about their future? For example family reunification, permanent residency, and nationality access.

Countries were then categorized on the basis of their scores on these dimensions into groups. These groups represent the approaches of different countries to integration. Accordingly, four main approaches have been identified:

Comprehensive Integration.

 A holistic integration strategy that ensures immigrants equal rights, opportunities, and security.

Equality on paper

It means equal rights and long-term protections for Immigrants, but not equal opportunities.

Temporary Integration.

Temporary integration means that immigrants enjoy basic rights and equal opportunities, but not equal protection, since they face long-term settlement barriers.

Immigration without integration.

It means that human rights and equal opportunities are denied to Immigrants, even though they are willing to live in the country for the long term.

Out of the 52 MIPEX countries, Canada is placed fourth.  Countries in this category take a holistic approach to integration, which completely guarantees immigrants and people equal rights, opportunities, and security. In these nations, policies typically allow the public to see immigrants as their equals, neighbors, and prospective residents.

The top 10 countries with Comprehensive Integration Scores

5New Zealand77
Canada has improved its position by 2 places since 2014. Earlier it was on 6th position.

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