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By conducting coronavirus tests at some airports and land border crossings, Alberta becomes the first province to reduce the quarantine period for incoming travelers.

Up to five days before arrival, travelers must register for the pilot by completing the application form. They won’t have to complete the entire 14-day quarantine cycle if their result comes out negative.

However, travellers have to arrive in Canada with an appropriate 14-day quarantine plan although they apply under shortened quarantine pilot when applying. The mandatory quarantine time must be observed for all other returning foreign travelers.

The service is only available to international travelers arriving via the land border crossing of Coutts and the International Airport of Calgary so far. It is hoped that the pilot will extend to other areas.   Edmonton International Airport is scheduled to enter the pilot program by early 2021.

Who are eligible under this pilot program ?

The returning Canadians and foreign nationals who are exempt from travel restrictions are eligible for the pilot.

Who are exempt from travel restrictions?

Foreign travelers coming to Canada to see their family members (Immediate or extended). The duration of the stay of travelers must be for more than 15 days in Canada. Otherwise, they must have an essential reason to be in Canada for a shorter period.

Eligibility for the pilot may also be granted to international travelers exempted under another category. For example, international students going to a Designated Learning Institution with a coronavirus readiness plan. International Students were added to the last month’s list of travellers exempted.  Work permit holders are also exempt, as are some approved permanent residents.

For humanitarian purposes, such as caring for an ill loved one being there in the last moments of life, or attending a funeral, Canada has opened its doors to foreign citizens moving to Canada.

Compassionate reasons

The travellers coming to Canada for compassionate reasons such as

  1. To care for loved ones who are ill
  2. Being in final moments of loved ones
  3. To attend funeral

Who are not eligible for shortened quarantine?

The following type of travelers are not eligible for shortened quarantine plan

  1. Travellers with COVID-19 symptoms
  2. The persons who have no proper quarantine plan
  3. Within 14 days of arrival in Alberta, the travellers who have had the contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case
  4. Not directly coming from the abroad to the approved port of entry i.e. landing in Calgary from abroad through connecting or transferred flights at another Canadian Airport
  5. If the travellers leave Alberta within 14 days to another province of Canada. However, they are eligible for this pilot if they leave the country within 14 days.

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