Canada | Study Permit | UPDATE: Canadian schools with COVID-19 readiness plans to welcome foreign students.

As of October 20, Canadian schools with coronavirus readiness plans can begin accepting new study permit holders.

The foreign students possessing a valid study permit as of March 18, 2020, were allowed to travel Canada prior to October 20.

Foreign students will now be admitted by Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) regardless of the date the study permit was obtained. DLIs are colleges, universities, and other government-approved educational institutions of Canada to accept foreign students.

The foreign students must meet the following two conditions to be eligible to enter Canada:

  • They should have a valid study permit or an introduction letter showing that they have been approved for a study permit.
  • They must be attending a designated learning institution with a preparedness plan. It must have gained the approval from the concerned province or jurisdiction for COVID-19.

What is the Readiness Plan for COVID-19?

A readiness plan for COVID-19 describes how a DLI can,

  1. Secure both students and the community’s health and safety
  2. Manage the obligatory 14-day quarantine time for foreign students, including transit arrangements for students to the quarantine place.
  3. Provide foreign students with knowledge and resources regarding:
    • How to procure essentials, such as food and medicine, during the quarantine
    • Insurance for Wellbeing
    • Remaining healthy in Canada

Travelling to Canada would not be deemed necessary as a student if:

  • The study programme is cancelled or suspended.
  • Entering Canada for some reason other than study

When the students land in Canada, they need to undergo mandatory quarantine for 14 days. The students who are going to approved DLI’s are allowed to travel to Canada as of now. Students are not allowed to travel nor board their flight if their institution is not on the approved list.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) says that the list of approved DLIs will be extended to more organizations. The list will be updated when more are available. When they no longer meet their regional or territorial criteria for public health, Canada will also withdraw DLIs.

Can Immediate Family Members move to Canada along with the Student?

Immediate family members possibly eligible to accompany the student to Canada, such as a spouse or common-law partner, a dependent, or a parent or legal guardian (if the student is a minor), depends on their justification for travel is non-optional or non-discretionary. Please note that these persons cannot enter Canada prior to the student.

Further, all accompanying family members would still have to comply with the obligatory 14-day quarantine period as well as other public health measures before entering Canada.

Approved post-secondary schools with COVID-19 readiness plan.

Primary and Secondary Institutions

  1. Quebec- all primary and secondary schools to reopen for foreign students
  2. New Brunswick, PEI, Manitoba and B.C- All primary and secondary schools(Public and Private) approved to reopen
  3. Alberta, Ontario, North West Territories, Nova Scotia and Nunavut- All primary and secondary schools remain closed to foreign students.

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