Canada | Immigration| Canada tops the list of the most accepting country for Migrants: Global Survey

The world is accepting less number of immigrants as per the current conditions in their respected regions. With the announcement of a new migration agreement by the European Union, a number of EU countries leading the list of the world’s least accepting countries.

According to Gallup, an analytics and advisory company based in the U.S., the latest analysis of its Migrant Acceptance Index, the world is significantly less accepting of migrants today than it was three years ago. The global score on the index dropped from 5.34 to 5.21 between 2016 and 2019. The measures depended on people’s acceptance of migrants based on growing degrees of personal proximity to migrants,

On the other hand, to sustain its high living standards, Canada continues to increase its immigration rate that would help increase the size of Canada’s labour force, providing Canada with a steady supply of citizens as employees, customers, and taxpayers to contribute to its economy.

Almost all the countries that welcomed migrants the most in 2019 were also among the countries that welcomed migrants the most in 2016-2017. In particular, this list also contains the United States and Canada. The latter of which vaulted ahead of Iceland and New Zealand in 2019. Canada is now at the top of most-accepting immigrant’s countries list with a ranking of 8.46

Most-Accepting Countries for Migrants

Least-Accepting Countries for Migrants

These findings are based on telephone and face-to-face interviews in 145 countries and regions. Approximately 1,000 people, aged 15 and older from each region participated in the survey, conducted during 2019. However, sample sizes in some countries, such as India, Russia and China ranged between 2,000 and 4,000 adults. The sample size was approximately 500 adults in two countries, Jamaica and Iceland.

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