Canada | Immigration | The Government of Ontario’s proposal for Amendments to move for an EOI system.

Public inputs sought on proposed amendments to two of Ontario’s regulations made under Ontario Immigration Act, 2015 by the Ministry of Labor, Training and Skills Developments (MLTSD). These amendments would establish a system of Express of Interest (EOI). The proposed changes may apply to the following existing streams of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

  1. Employer Job Offer Category (Foreign Worker; International Student, and In-Demand Skills streams);
  2. Masters Graduate and
  3. Ph.D. Graduate.

Individuals will be registered with the OINP under an EOI system, and then they will be placed in a selection pool. Individuals will then be expected to provide personal information and other labour market and/or human capital details for which any Invitation to Apply (ITA) will form the basis.

EOI of a person will be rated based on the information found in their EOI. In order to select the EOI registrants, the OINP will review the scores and issue ITAs depends on cutoff score. Registrants obtaining an ITA will be required to apply under the OINP for nomination.

To enact this plan, the OINP authorities are supposed to:

• Rate potential applicants based on information found in the EOI . Then carry out a general draw or a Targeted/Specific draw of select EOI registrants ;

• Assess and publish the distribution of EOI points on the OINP Website;

• Assign points to different variables ( e.g. educational level, language level, etc.)

Finally Issue ITAs top scoring potential candidates in each group.

In the past, some of the OINP ‘s five streams have faced issues during receipt of applications. The Employer ‘s job offer  :International student stream opened just a few minutes before it reached its capacity and then closed again most recently. The Employer Job Offer: Foreign worker stream back in July: also hit its enrolment cap just hours after opening.

This “first come, first served” policy has drawn significant criticism on the grounds that it places at a disadvantage those who do not have convenient access to high-speed internet during selection sessions.

The reforms will only come into force after a public consultation period of 45 days, which ends 23 October 2020.

Potential benefits of moving to an EOI system for Ontario:

• Increase the responsiveness of the OINP’s labour market and better meet regional labour market needs;

• Handle strategically high OINP demand while providing greater predictability for applicants and employers; and

• Handle OINP intake in such a way as to give priority to the most eligible applicants.

MLTSD seeks public feedback on possible technical amendments  to better comply with the Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement, amend the Legislation expressly requiring that work positions be urgently necessary under the Employer Job Offer Category sources.

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