Canada | PR Visa | RNIP | North Bay to launch Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot soon

The City of North Bay is expected to launch the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot within the next few weeks. It is one of the 11 participating communicates under this pilot program process.

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot:

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) is an economic pilot program aimed at foreign nationals who received a recommendation from a participating community and secured an offer of employment within the limits of the same community. Candidates must meet minimum standards for education, job experience, language skills and the settlement fund. The applicants must also wish to live within the community that recommends them.

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) is a community-driven initiative designed to allow small communities to benefit more from the economic immigration contributions by offering a pathway to permanent residence for potential applicants.

The North Bay Community:

The North Bay city is a secure and welcoming community. It lies about 300 km north of Toronto, the northeastern portion of Ontario, Canada. It has a population of approximately 51,000. North Bay is also known as “Gateway of the North” for the lakes that surround the city are also major trade and travel waterways in northern Canada. North Bay is renowned for its lakes, beaches and nature reserves.

Eligibility Requirements under RNIP process:

To be eligible for applying under RNIP process candidates must meet the conditions specified by IRCC.

1.  Valid  Full time and permanent job offer  from one of the participating communities

2.  Applicants who obtain a community referral through the RNIP can apply for permanent residence in Canada.

3.   Meet the minimum language requirements or exceed

  • For NOC O and A: CLB / NCLC Level 6
  • NOC B : CLB / NCLC level 5
  • NOC C : CLB / NCLC level 4

4. Meet or exceed the minimum education requirements. Candidates must have at least Canadian secondary school study (high school) or should obtain an ECA that equates foreign education to be at least Canadian secondary school education.

5.  Meet the minimum settlement funds requirement.

6. Meet the community specific requirements. In the case of North Bay, a benefit can be offered to interested candidates who become active in the community and are bilingual.

The family-friendly facilities of North Bay, freshwater lakes and proximity to major centers as well as reasonable rates of housing make this community a very attractive option for newcomers.

North Bay will start reviewing applications shortly after the launch of its program, beginning with applicants who are already in the country and have full-time employment in high-demand areas.

The RNIP would help maintain and increase the population and help fill positions that have been empty for some time and that have stopped certain companies from expanding or entering into new product and service contracts.

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