Canada | Immigration | Manitoba employment figures rebounding from COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Statistics of Canada figures show, Manitoba recorded one of the largest job returns in the country.


The monthly employment report of the organization published recently says 28,900 more Manitobans employed in June compared to May, and the figures of May had already jumped from the month of April. June’s overall jobs had risen to 93 percent of what it was in February before the pandemic began — the second highest rate among the provinces behind New Brunswick.


Finance Minister of Manitoba, Mr. Scott Fielding told that they believe this was a positive step in the right direction and the unemployment rate fell to 10.1%


The figures also show discrepancies: the job rebound for young people and low-wage earners across the country has been much lower. Manitoba reported the lowest youth unemployment rate in June, but at 19.3 per cent, it was still well above pre-pandemic standard.


Fielding said the province may reorder some support programs for people who have lost work to target groups which are still lagging behind during the pandemic.


Manitoba has one of the provincially lowest COVID-19 caseloads. Since the pandemic began it has recorded 325 confirmed or probable cases.


The low numbers allowed the province to move fairly quickly, in stages, through May and June to reopen businesses. Restaurants and other businesses allowed to reopen, subject to some capacity limits, the hosting and food services industries led job growth in the province.


Owing to a combination of lower tax revenues and increased spending, the provincial government initially predicted the pandemic would result in a $5-billion deficit this fiscal year. It has recently updated that to $2.9 billion, but warned that if COVID-19 numbers increase again, the estimate might get worse.


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