Canada | Immigration | Travelers must have adequate quarantine plan for two weeks while entering in Canada

 Travellers must inform border officers that they have an appropriate two-week quarantine schedule, even though they have no symptoms of coronavirus


Most travelers are currently supposed to have a 14-day quarantine plan when they arrive in Canada and may face penalties or jail time if they don't obey it.


Since 15 April, the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) has imposed the compulsory quarantine period for travelers. They were also qualified to test people for COVID-19 symptoms. All arrangements must be formulated before the traveler decides to cross the border. There are numerous quarantine protocols for symptomatic and asymptomatic travelers but all the travelers may be subject to be questioned as


  • Whether they have the accommodation where they are being quarantined for 14 days,
  • Will there be vulnerable persons such as old age people at the place where they want to plan to quarantine
  • Can they have the basic necessities of food, medication and other things delivered to their accommodation while they are in quarantine etc.,


Officers must be assured that when in quarantine, the traveler will have access to basic necessities and not have contact with vulnerable people such as those with pre-existing medical conditions or over 65 years of age.


If the traveler does not have an acceptable quarantine program, they will be referred to a member of staff of the public health department. They may then be sent to a government-approved facility to satisfy the quarantine requirement.


Travelers  need to fill out a Traveler Contact Information Form, either on paper, online or on a mobile app. Information received on the form is given to the Canadian Public Health Agency for monitoring and implementing the quarantine requirement. Those who are both asymptomatic and quarantine-exempt because they cross the border for work, such as truck drivers, need not to complete the form.


All the collected information such as contact and quarantine-based information, will be shared by The CBSA with the public health agency which then decides when and how to share this information with provincial authorities and law enforcement


Two travellers have recently been charged and fined $1000 violating the rules in Ontario. Quarantine requirements are  still in effect till 31 August.  


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