Canada | Immigration | Admissions into Canada by the most common citizenship countries in 2019

India was by good margin the most common country of citizenship among primary applicants and their accompanying family members to be admitted to Canada via Express Entry in 2017 (40%), 2018 (43%), and 2019 (46%). The proportion of admitted individuals holding Nigerian citizenship via Express Entry increased from 4 per cent in 2017 to 8 per cent in 2019. The proportion of people holding Chinese citizenship fell from 9 per cent in 2017 to 5 per cent in 2019.


Entries (total persons) by most common citizenship countries in 2019

1.      India -50842

2.      Nigeria-8423

3.      China- 5754

4.      Pakistan -4691

5.      United States-3947

6.      United Kingdom-2,531

7.      Brazil-2518

8.      Egypt-1747

9.      The republic of Korea-1646

10.   Iran -1417

11.   Other countries- 26,079


Total- 109,595


It's not shocking that Indians tend to receive most ITAs. As the second-largest nation in the world (population wise), India has a substantial middle-class population that speaks English, has high educational levels, and the job experience and skills that employers in Canada want.


IRCC's Express Entry study reveals that the key occupations of successful candidates for Express Entry in 2019 were:

Software engineers and designers-2173

Information systems analysts and consultants-2171

Computer programmers and interactive media developers-2174

Financial auditors and accountants-1111

Administrative assistants-1241


Indian professionals with these kinds of occupational backgrounds, and  especially skilled in ICT-related careers are arriving in Canada. 


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