Canada | Immigration | Canada will resume visa and eTAprocessing with effect from July 1

Canada is once again accepting tourist visa and electronic travel authorization (eTA) applications online as of July 1.


Travel restrictions continue but IRCC will once again process visa and eTA applications online,  to the greatest extent possible.


IRCC also states that most people would not be able to fly to Canada at this time because of existing travel restrictions. Travel exemptions are for members of the family who live for more than 15 days or who come to Canada for an important purpose, professional employees and others. Travellers must also demonstrate that they are travelling for an essential reason to be granted entry to Canada to the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA)


IRCC also accepts research permits, work permits and permanent residency applications online. No paper applications will be accepted as of now.


Canada has put in place initiatives to ensure that applicants have the time they need to complete all the application process steps including providing their biometrics. There are some reopening of visa application centers (VACs) around the world.


It is still mandatory for all persons entering Canada from abroad to quarantine for 14 days. It is also essential for travellers to have an appropriate quarantine plan to provide to border agents.


Canada announced earlier today that it would extend its travel restrictions until at least July 31.


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