Canada | Immigration | Canada Minister Ahmed Hussen leads dialog on anti-racism

In Canada a national debate has arisen about how the country can do more to counter prejudice and discrimination.


In this dialog Ahmed Hussen proved to be a prominent voice.


Hussen was Canada’s previous immigration minister from January 2017 to November 2019, having served in the role for nearly three years.


Hussen has been appointed as Canada's Minister of Families, Children and Social Development following last fall’s election.


Canada's tolerance to diversity was on show when Hussen became Minister for Immigration.


Hussen's advocacy for anti-racism


Since the George Floyd murder, Hussen has featured in media appearances and protests seeking to draw awareness about the importance of fighting racism in Canada.


Speaking about the Floyd murder video, Hussen told CTV that viewing was “shocking, painful, and upsetting,” and he struggled to have a discussion about the murder with his three young sons.


Hussen's advice


Hussen outlined recommendations for improvement, In an interview with Toronto Star.


The first move is to recognize and identify racism as an issue for Canada's including indigenous peoples and others.

Giving a forum to express their voice to people who have been discriminated against would help to alleviate the issue, Hussen said. The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau recently, along with Hussen, took part in a rally in Ottawa.


The second step is to encourage people across Canada to tackle inequality within communities by providing them with the tools they need to do so.


One initiative advocated by Hussen is name-blind recruiting practices for federal government employees, such that hiring managers from the federal government may recruit applicants free of prejudice.


Minister Hussen said it is important that we continue to have anti-racism talks in Canada now, so that future generations of Canadians do not have to face racism and make Canada a stronger place than it is now.


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