Canada | Study Abroad – Students from outside Quebec can submit documents online

International students who apply to study in Quebec can now send supporting documents electronically through the Arrima portal of Quebec.


In 2008, the Quebec government switched to an electronic application network for their Foreign Student Program. Many temporary selection applications for studies are now already being submitted to an online portal explicitly designed for that purpose.


The MIFI, Quebec's immigration ministry, says it has now adopted a safe solution for the submission of electronic documentation to improve this procedure for foreign students. The new service is now available via Quebec's application management system for immigration, called Arrima.


Anyone who still wishes to apply their application or supporting documentation in paper format can still do so by mail.


Arrima Portal


The Arrima portal was launched in 2018 to handle the Quebec Skilled Worker Program's bank of candidates after  the program was moved from a paper-based, first-come / first-served applicant approach to an Expression of Interest (EOI) framework.


The EOI system of the province manages the pool of candidates for a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec, or CSQ), that is required to apply for permanent residency in the province.


Candidates demonstrate their interest by generating a profile in Arrima which is then put in the pool of candidates and rated either on the basis of a score or other criterion.


Candidates who obtain a CSQ can apply with the federal immigration ministry of Canada for permanent residence, which will check medical and criminal admissibility.


Submission of supporting documentation


In order to submit supporting documents, applicants must have completed and submitted an online study selection application in Quebec first. Once this step has been completed and all necessary fees paid online, supporting documents can be submitted via the Arrima portal by following the steps below:


  • After you have submitted your application, you will obtain a list of required supporting documentation to be submitted through the Arrima portal. Prepare your journal. All documents must be scanned in PDF format, be correct, complete, and readable.
  • The file number is needed to submit documentation in which can be known in 48 hours after your request is sent in Arrima Portal.
  • Create your Arrima profile.
  • Submit the documentation as per the instructions given in the portal.

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