Canada | Study Abroad – Canada to consider incomplete study permits and applications for PGWP

New IRCC updates make study permits and post-graduate work permits flexible. International students who are unable to send all the documentation needed for their study permit or post-graduation work permit application, Canada keeps their applications open till they can able to submit the documentation.


The coronavirus pandemic has caused many centres of application to shut down or limit their operations. Consequently, some applicants for a study permit are unable to complete three main elements of their application that are


•          Give biometrics;

•          Undergoing medical exams; and

•          Submission of original travel documents when required.


Keeping the current circumstances under consideration, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), says they won't reject applications of study permits for missing documents as a result of disruptions to coronavirus service. Instead, they will leave the application open and continue to request additional supporting documentation or appropriate actions until either the documentation are obtained or evidence that an action has been taken.


Foreign students are allowed to work before the Post Graduate Study Permit is approved.


The temporary measure also applies to applicants who are unable to obtain a completion letter or final transcript from their Designated Learning Institution (DLI) for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP).


If foreign students apply for the PGWP before the expiry of their study permit but are unable to submit the full application due to a closure of the DLI, they will be able to start working full time until a decision is taken.


They should, however, submit an explanation letter stating that they are unable to apply the documents due to the closing of their school. When their documents are available they can send them using the IRCC web form, which promotes contact between the immigration department of Canada and applicants for immigration.


IRCC also is allowing candidates to reinstate their status without a completion letter or a final transcript. Candidates who are restoring their status are not allowed to work while the request is being processed.


No effect on Post-Graduate Work Permit eligibility by part-time status


Canadian post-secondary institutions may have to close or cancel classes, following limitations on health and social distance. Consequently, international students may have to put their studies on hold or study part-time. If a student's status shifts from full-time to part-time due to programming adjustments for the winter and summer 2020 semesters at their DLI, they will still be eligible for a PGWP permit.


The PGWP is vital as it enables international students to gain work experience in Canada. Such job experience allows them to apply for more streams of immigration such as Express Entry and the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Recently Canada announced a major reform that gives more PGWP flexibility to the foreign student to start their studies in this fall intake.



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