Canada | Study Abroad -Canada is home to some of the world’s best education and immigration opportunities.

The number of international students studying in Canada is 642,480 as of December 2019, a figure that is constantly growing.  In 2018 the number was 558,957 stated IRCC. Many of the foreign students are choosing Canada as their study destination because of the advantages that studying in Canada can bring. 

Here are some advantages of pursuing studies in Canada  

               Canada provides a very high-quality education.

               Tuition and living costs are usually lower in Canada than in other developed countries.

       Students and their spouses and partners can work during and after their studies so that you can financially support yourself and gain job experience

               Canada offers an opportunity to study, live and work in English and/or French environments;

               Canada is a safe country.

               Canada welcomes immigrants, foreign students, international workers, and visitors from almost 200 countries each year.

               Canada is more affordable than other popular destinations for foreign students in part, because of the weaker Canadian dollar.

               Nearly 54,000 former international students obtained permanent residency in Canada in 2018.

               Individuals studying in Canada receive top-quality and globally recognized education, preparing them for professional opportunities in or outside Canada.


The Post-Graduation Work Permit (PSWP) allows students to work after completion of studies and it depends on the length of the program they choose. There are over 80 permanent resident pathways for international students. Additional points will be added to the Comprehensive Ranking Score of the applicants for having studied and work experience in Canada.


This is a tremendous advantage that foreign students in most other countries cannot find.


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