Canada | Immigration – Canada’s Immigration plan for the period 2020-2022

Between 2020 and 2022 Canada will accept more than one million new permanent residents, with annual increases ensuring the highest rates of Canadian immigration in recent history.

The targets were formally announced on March 12th by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) via the release of the 2020-2022 Canada Immigration levels plan.



Expected Target


















Total for the period 2020-2022





Over the three-year term, Canada aims to welcome about 1,053,000 new permanent residents, with as many as 1,140,000 to be admitted if the government hits the upper range of its goals


Of these, the majority (about 58 per cent) are supposed to be accepted as economic migrants, encompassing a number of federal and provincial programs. The well known economic migration programs managed under express entry programs are the Federal Skilled Worker Program, The Canadian Experience Class and Federal Skilled Trades Class.


While provinces and regions play a greater role in recognizing the problems of the local labour market, people who want to live in Canada need to keep up to date on PNPs and regional initiatives. The provinces of Canada will continue to accept applications through a large and ever-growing variety of PNP sources, some of which are associated with Express Entry and some of which operate outside of that federal system.


Over the three-year span, Canada will also accept some 273,000 immediate family members such as spouses, common-law partners, dependent children, parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents under its Family Class programmes. Furthermore, by welcoming up to 154,600 refugees, and up to 14,500 for humanitarian and other purposes, Canada will continue to maintain the legacy of being a safe haven for those in need.


Each of these estimates reflects an improvement in the previous multi-year Canada Immigration Rates Plan released at the end of 2018.


The estimates in 2020-2020 Canada Immigration Rates Program may not include several hundreds of thousands of foreign contract workers and international students



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