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Express Entry Report 2018- Huge Numbers Show Interest in Canada Immigration


Canada received nearly 280,000 Express Entry Profiles in 2018, making it the most effective year on huge for the selection system for eligible immigrants.


The sum of 278,590 profiles represented an improvement of more than 10 per cent over 2017, as Canada's immigration candidates overwhelmed the network with interest expressions. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada released its 2018 Express Entry Year-End Report on Tuesday, July 2, offering useful insight into the internal workings of the most cutting-edge commercial immigration in the world


The highlights of Express Entry 2018


                    Record 89,800 ITAs released in 2018.

                    Large increase in qualifying profile numbers and percentages;

                    Big surge in the number of Express Entry Pool profiles as of January 3.

                    More than 40,000 ITAs have now registered in Canada for candidates.

                    Dominance of Express Entry ITAs by Federal Skilled Worker Program and Canada Experience Class.

                    Over half of the ITAs released go to ages 20 to 29.

                    Around half of all ITAs issued to Indian nationals.

                    122,247 permanent residency applications were obtained via Express Entry.

                    Two FST draws had the remaining 900 invitations distributed by the programme.


As already released, a record for total ITAs was set at 89,800 in 2018. According to IRCC, the rise was consistent with the increased high-skilled immigration goal for 2018, a trend that is expected to increase for each of the next three years.


When those invitations are broken down by programme, the FSW and CES supremacy becomes apparent, accounting for over 78,000 of the total ITAs earned.


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